Touch and be touched: Discover the magic of your hands

Step out of your daily routines.
Time to relax, to take the foot off the gas.
Time to breathe deeply and to recover.

Touch and be touched.
Dive into contact.
Just be there.

An intense, serene and deep weekend for you.

In various systematic sessions, we get to know Shiatsu step by step, a manual therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Shiatsu is done dressed on comfortable futons.

In groups of two, we practice in concentrated, constructive atmosphere.

The focus is rather on basic principles of Shiatsu than fancy techniques. Gradually, we develop a beneficial treatment which can also easily be practiced at home.

Side-effects are increased awareness, efficiency, energy level and connectedness.

Next shiatsu weekends

  • April 15+16, 2023, Balsemboom, Ganzenstraat 33, Bruges

Tea and water will be foreseen. Please bring your own lunch.


Price & registration

200€ early bird until February 14th
230€ after February 14th

Deposit 50€ at sign-up, rest until March 31st