Cycle of life and touch

Ontspannen hoofd na een cranio-sacrale behandeling

One day we came, one day we go.
Our physical body does not last forever.
Becoming old and dying belong to the cycle of life just like being born and growing up.

Old and young

If you meet a grandfather with a baby in his arms, who do you look at first? The baby is full of energy, full of life, whereas the energy of the grandfather is depleted, and his life is fading away. Energy is attractive and we do not want to be reminded of our own mortality, so our eyes are immediately caught by the baby. The presence of the grandfather is almost ignored. In general, old people are often ignored, skipped, put aside. Especially when illness and immobility join old age, isolation is a likely result.


Attentive human touch is important. This applies to all people and becomes essential when touch is drastically reduced like in disease and old age. The touch that remains often becomes functional and rushed which creates the feeling of being just a piece of flesh and being a burden to others. Besides that, the physical body may become very fragile and sensitive. This may create doubts in loved ones in respect of touch.


Therefore, non-invasive bodywork such as shiatsu and craniosacral therapy is a natural, effective and fulfilling way to support a human being during the last period of her or his life. In a warm atmosphere of respect and trust, accumulated tensions are released so that life energy can flow as freely as possible. Inner strength and self-esteem are increased. Feelings of isolation, confusion and being little-noticed dissolve and give way to connectedness and feeling one’s own place in this world again. We must know where we are before we can go somewhere else with a calm and peaceful mind, especially when we embark on a journey into uncharted waters.


One treatment is 60 – 75 minutes. It is done dressed in comfortable clothes.
1 treatment 60€, card for 6 treatments 300€ (to be paid after 1st treatment put on the card).
Home visit possible by arrangement nearby Bruges; transport fee acc. distance.
Depending on mobility and preference, the treatment can take place on a futon, a massage table or – if not otherwise possible – in bed.