Why massage?

An oil massage is a very effective and pleasant way to come into balance again. It helps you to come into contact with yourself again. Your physical body and your vital energy recharge.

Massage can carry you to places where no train, no ship and no helicopter can bring you: deep within yourself, towards the beauty and the wonder of being alive. Experience, find your way to an attitude of accepting yourself fully as your are, including parts of your body which you experience currently as embarrassing, awkward, tabooed or ugly. All wrinkles, fat pads and crooked feet are very welcome! You are not your body, you are the one abiding in it.

How does it look like?

This massage is an intuitive flow of gentle strokes, firm pressure and deep stretches where needed. It contains elements of shiatsu. It is physical, but goes much deeper than that: It is all about you, creating a safe space to open up, to blossom, to let go, to enjoy from top to toe, from skin to bones and beyond your physical body.

Each massage is unique. Your body is leading the journey.


Before the massage, you are very welcome to tell about your background, intentions, needs and worries. We clarify where you would like to be touched and where not. There is no hurry. Because bodywork and especially oil massage needs time to unfold, I take two hours in total for you. The massage itself is around 90 minutes and there is sufficient time to arrive and depart calmly.

The price for one massage is 100€.

Oil massage is a very close form of bodywork. It requires trust. Therefore, I recommend to book a shiatsu or a cranio session with me before coming for an oil massage.