What does cranio-sacral therapy do?

Cranio is creating space,
Space within you, space for you.
Space is necessary to grow, to heal, to live.

Your body has the ability to heal itself.
This healing process is happening within you.
Doctors and therapists can ‘only’ support this self-healing process.

Cranio is very effectively creating space for the self-healing mechanisms.
These mechanisms are inherent in all systems of your body.
They strive permanently towards dynamic balance, efficiency and harmony.
This is what we call healing.

What is the cranio-sacral system?

Our central nervous system, the brain and the spinal cord (marrow), is surrounded by the constantly renewed liquid which is nourishing and protecting it. This liquid is contained in our innermost connective tissue (fascia), a threefold membrane system. All this is embedded in bones, the skull and the spinal column.
The whole of these elements is called the cranio-sacral system which is addressed by this effective type of body work, the cranio-sacral therapy.
The cranio-sacral system got its name from its location between the roof of the skull (cranium) and the sacral bone (sacrum) at the base of the spine.
Although the cranio-sacral system is commonly less known, doctors and scientists are recognising its function and importance more and more.

How does cranio-sacral therapy work?

Cranio-sacral therapy is a very subtle, but deep form of bodywork.
It addresses the cranio-sacral system via its surrounding bone structures and the fascia that pervades our whole body.
Since the cranio-sacral system is affecting all other systems and regions of the body, blockages in it can result in various symptoms.
Vice versa, restrictions in the periphery (legs & pelvis, shoulders & arms and facial bones) are reflected in the cranio-sacral system.
This explains why cranio-sacral therapy can be applied for many different disorders.

How does a cranio-sacral treatment look like?

During a treatment, you lie fully dressed on a comfortable, soft massage table.
By means of various diagnose methods, blockages in the cranio-sacral system and periphery are located.
Tensions of muscles and hardening of fascia restricting blood vessels, lymph, spinal liquid, organs etc. are released.
One of the main principles of cranio is that the treating hands are always soft, listening, in contact with the treated tissue. Movements are never forced from outside, but rather happen from within.
Like this, the hands of the cranio practitioner always invite the client silently to let go of unnecessary tensions.
This creates a feeling of safety, of being fully accepted, and opens the doors to relax deeply and allow the own self-healing mechanisms to do their work.
A light pressure is applied with the hands on your body, depending on the tension of the treated tissue.
You can experience different states of mind during a session. This can be a very deep, relaxed and comfortable state of mind, a state between being awake and in deep sleep.
It is possible that energies from a physical or emotional impact which were locked in the body are released. Deep healing can take place.

Duration and price

A cranio treatment is 60 – 75 minutes.

1 treatment 70€.