Yoga and Shiatsu complement each other perfectly.

Yoga as well as Shiatsu are based on the fact that it is the nature of the human being to be fulfilled, complete, whole.

A Shiatsu treatment can work wonders, but if an imbalance is caused by a one-sided way of life, the concerned person will by pulled back by it into the old symptoms, just as a just dried child gets wet again if you don’t take it out of the rain.

Yoga teaches us how to take ourselves out of the rain, how to build a proper shelter with our own forces. Yoga is the art to live a life of dynamic balance, to find rest and peace within ourselves and therefore also with everybody and everything else. Yoga shows us how to find back our strength step by step and how to re-discover our own brilliance.

To practice Yoga means to tread the way back home.

This way is generally speaking a joyful adventure, but it may be hard and rocky sometimes, for example when old body- and behavioral patterns bind you.

Shiatsu can help effectively to let go of such constains and to continue walking towards freedom.


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